After being displayed at the Panda Bologna Motor Show, the 2009 Fiat Panda (also famous as Panda Monster) has been the buzzword in the automotive industry this year. The most eye-catching thing about the Panda is its high degree of flexibility and one can make use of ethanol,

In the Fiat Panda models, the main tank is filled with either the gas or bio-ethanol, whereas the methane is stored in a separate tank. ECU is helpful in choosing the fuel to be used in the vehicle in an automatic manner. The new model Panda 4 x 4 comes with a revived pearl white look, mounted by the aluminum roof rails.

The vehicle has glamorous looks due to the denim style interior design. The most advanced model in the Panda Cars series happens to be the Panda Sporting (limited edition). The top speed of the vehicle is about 99 mph. and this mini car is characterized by the multi-jet turbo diesel engine of 1.3 L version.

The vehicle is capable accelerating from 0 to 60mph in just 12 seconds. The model produces an output of 70 bhp at the 4000 rpm. In United Kingdom, this model is sold at a price of $16,000 The fuel economy of the model is measured as 76.3 mpg on the highways, whereas it is discovered to be about 52.3 mpg on the city roads. There are many more surprises expected in the 2010/2011 Panda that are yet to be released.

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